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Before you can get into the exciting world of the Riven easter eggs you have to go through the game in an excact sequence in order to unlock them.

Five different so-called "hidden" spots are lying around the game for you to click on - actually there are more than five, but some of them are the actual easter eggs themselves. The trick is to click these spots in sequence, and now a warning: You have to click each spot only once! I've tried a couple of times to click the individual spots several times, and I don't know if it's my version of the game, but it hasn't worked for me that way, so remember, just in case - click only once on each spot!

You can tell when you've hit a secret spot by seing your cursor disappear after clicking on it.

Now, are you ready? Remember that if you'd like to reveal these unlocking spots yourself, you can visit the "Unofficial Riven Homepage" and get some hints on how to get through cho.cyan.com


Cathy Miller wrote to me and asked me if the eggs were to be found in the Sony Playstation version of Riven, and I passed the question on to Cyan. Richard A Watson replied that the eggs indeed are in this version of the game, but the cursor do not disappear when you click on the hidden spots! Furthermore, the low resolution and refresh rates on televisions make it difficult to activate the last hidden spot , unles you know excactly where to point and klick - so take a close look at the picture on this page so you'll know where to find it.

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