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Secret things in Riven:
The mysterious spots

When you encounter Ghen's guard, let's call him "Cho" in the beginning of the game, he is darted by a rebel, and dragged off a cliff nearby:

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I have encountered seven secret spots on him (as the spots you use to unlock the easter eggs - where your cursor dissapear):

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An extra spot, which Jeff Lyon and Scott Barber reminded me about, is found at the very beginning of the game, when you look back at the prison and looks up. The spot is on the star symbol:

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Sorry - no eggs here
As previously stated, I thought these spots could lead towards new eggs or the like. But they actually do not lead towards new adventures in Riven. Richard A Watson has confirmed this for me. Hey, after all they were pretty good "decoys"! :)
But it is good to finally know that the hunt is over. A whole year has passed, and I was actually beginning to feel that I lived on these islands! So with peace in mind, the wonderful world of Riven is fully explored - or is it? One never knows...

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