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During the development of Riven, Robyn and Rand's younger brother, Ryan Miller, made a special website to accommodate the waiting fans out there on the web (amongst others, me!).
He called this website for the site of "Spyder", a small fictious spy-spider who walked around Cyan's premises and told stories about the making of the game.

During this, a new page emerged, called . This page was made by "Spyder" - and was filled with riddles, pointing towards the easter eggs in Riven. Five major riddles were supposed to be solved before you would be able to merely unlock five of the eggs. The riddles themselves are hard, but much fun to solve so I will reccomend you to go "all the way" as a true Riven-fan and try them out !
You can get excellent help and useful hints for this at Jim Stephenson's wonderful web page "The Riven Unofficial Homepage" at (Look at the "Spyder"-section )

So now I'll spoil it all. I believe that I, since 1998, am one of the very few on the web (if not the first) that had found all five of the easter eggs. The sixth egg who were not part of the Spyder riddles were found by Gregg Collins.

Thanks for your visit. Now lean back, and be spoiled!

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