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Remember - to look at the eggs (Part Two), you must complete the "unlocking" part (Part One)! But you don't have to do this for the additional eggs (Part Three) or the secret things (Part Four). Happy hunting!

Part One: To unlock the easter eggs

>> A "must-do" in order to go through Part Two!
How to unlock the eggs
Secret spot number one
Secret spot number two
Secret spot number three
Secret spot number four
Secret spot number five

Part Two: The six easter eggs

>> Remember to go through Part One before attempting to go through these!
Easter egg number one : Lights on!
Easter egg number two : Wireframed
Easter egg number three : Sky high
Easter egg number four : Silly putty
Easter egg number five : 'O Sole Mio
Easter egg number six : Coupled

Part Three: Additional easter eggs

Additional easter egg one : Richard Vander Wende's two daughters
Additional easter egg two : Robyn Miller's daughter & son
Additional easter egg three : Rand Miller's three daughters
Additional easter egg four : "Alex"

Part Four: Secret things in Riven

The hidden faces in the startup movie
The book press that never made the game (or did it?)
The mysterious spots

Also, check out Riven Illuminated , a website showcasing many details that are unknown to most players.

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