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I will warn you! There will be numerous pictures of the easter eggs and all information on how to find them!
So if you do not want to see it all spoiled at (almost) once, you shouldn't visit this site!

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1st Nov. 2023

25th anniversary! Yay!

1st Nov. 2022

Still glad to see people are visiting. Welcome! Next year, it's going to be the 25th anniversary for this web site!

17th Aug. 2017

Joseph Grabko got in touch and told me that the mysterious spots actually can unlock all the eggs in one swipe. He also pointed at the fact that you can access the game's console by typing "b3hn" and pressing Ctrl + Tab while in-game. And if you're interested in more secret stuff like this, he found the information on this page. Thank you so much Joseph! And great to see that there still are people out there interested in this epic game, almost 20 years from when I launched this web site!

30th Jul. 2013

Paul S. From La Turballe (French Brittany a.k.a. Bretagne) has contacted me, and told me that these easter eggs work perfectly with the iPad version of the game. Thank you Paul for letting us know! :-)

I cannot confirm this myself, but Phil J from North Carolina, USA sent me the following (thank you Phil!):
You mention on your Riven Easter egg page passive views of the missing book press in some of the Boiler Island scenes, but in the iPad version of Riven, a fully working book press is the seventh Easter egg that is required to complete the Easter egg achievement medal. As you walk from the boiler to the ladder leading up to the balcony entrance to the frog trap, one step before clearing the rocky ridge between you and the ladder (the point at which you would be in front of the book press if it were there), at the right side of the base of the first triangular rock formation of the ridge is a smaller triangular shaped "toe" of the larger formation. The top apex of that triangle is the hot spot that makes the book press visible. The wheel of the press works the press, but touching any other part makes it disappear again.

21st Aug. 2012

Ten years have passed, and you good folks keep visiting. Welcome to you all! You're spending an average of five to seven minutes here and that makes me glad. I am still baffled by the fact that this page still has some - if not anything else then at least some historical - value. It was a great, and ground-breaking game and needs to be remembered. Thank you again!


16th Nov. 2002

Hi again. What I said last year still holds, but I would just like to thank you good people out there who are still visiting my page. Your continuous inquiries surely shows how long lasting this magnificent game truly is! Kudos to Cyan, and kudos to you, who are still finding enjoyment in Riven!


13th Nov. 2001

This site has exsisted for a long time now, and I am still getting a lot of visitors here, for which I am very glad. But time is not on my side and I have to "close down" for any inquiries from now on regarding the easter eggs and this great game. Don't worry - this site will still remain as it is for a long time yet , but I simply don't have the time to answer the e-mails I get from you, my fellow Riven fans. I will also stop updating the site.

I do still hope you are yet able to fully enjoy this site and this wonderful game! I am truly sorry that I haven't been able to get back to a few of you who have written to me in the past and I hope you can forgive me.

Keep it up my fellow "Riveneers"! And good egg-hunting!

4st Jul. 2000

And the Riven Movie Snoop tool has been right in front of my nose all the time (see last entry below). How fortunate that George Rypysc III was so kind to send me an e-mail regarding this. You can (of course) find it at the great pages of The Riven Guild , where they have a download section . There are also a lot of other nice tools & gadgets for our beloved game there. Thanks George! :)

1st Feb. 2000

A lot of you good folks out there have been asking me where to find the Riven Movie Snoop tool. Yesterday I dug up the link for the Macintosh version. I couldn't seem to find the Windows version of it, sorry...But here's the Mac version link anyway...

29th Jan. 2000

Sixth easter egg found!

Gregg Collins , the little genius, contacted me and told me that he had found a sixth egg. This has been confirmed by Richard A. Watson of Cyan . Now go check it out ! As Gregg does, I wonder if there's any more eggs 'out there'? If there is one for each island, then we still need one on Prison Island...

Shame on Richard by the way, for forgetting to tell me about this egg, when I wrote to Cyan to hear if I'd found them all... Oh well... Surprises are best when they're not revealed... :)

And furthermore, Gregg told me a few other nice things that I hadn't discovered: That you can also turn Gehn's song back again , and that you may see the book press from another point of view in the game. Big cheers and thanks to Greg for having us all dust off the game and put it into the CD tray again!!

1st Sep. 1999

New look. Just thought it would be nice with a fresh look. It's been almost a whole year now. Research around the net still indicates that this should be the only 100% comprehensive easter egg page for Riven fans, as it was the first to reveal all of the eggs in the game (plus the additional things). If you are reading this, I bid you welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay! Be sure to check out two of the best sites around: " The Riven Guild " and " The Riven Unofficial Home Page "
(Thank you Riven Guild for linking to this page too).

1st Dec. 1998

New info for you folks with the Sony Playstation version of Riven.

I have received information from Richard A Watson at Cyan . He tells me that the easter-eggs you see here indeed are the only ones in the game, so we do not need to worry about the extra secret hidden spots anymore!

16th Nov.1998

Seth Martin wrote to me about the book press that never made the game - but it actually did!

Thanks to Jim Stephenson for linking to this page from his " The Riven Unofficial Home Page "!

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